Advice for starting HRT in Singapore

Hi i am from Singapore. There are two choices for doing this, by Dr Tsoi or by Dr Alex Fok. The former is a psychiatrist as well, and he is the step u need to be certified as gender dysphoric. Only when he has ascertained that (not difficult i assure u), then will u need to consider which route to continue - T jabs with him, or be referred to Dr Fok to continue ur jabs. Dr Tsoi only administers jabs himself. Dr Fok does that too, and allows u to buy vials and will teach u how to self inject, if u prefer. Regardless of which route u go, u have to go to Dr Tsoi first as Dr Fok will not see u without a letter (he isnt a psychiatrist but an endocrinologist). Good luck and hit me up if u need more help in this.

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