Advice for starting HRT in Singapore

Hi i am from Singapore. There are two choices for doing this, by Dr Tsoi or by Dr Alex Fok. The former is a psychiatrist as well, and he is the step u need to be certified as gender dysphoric. Only when he has ascertained that (not difficult i assure u), then will u need to consider which route to continue - T jabs with him, or be referred to Dr Fok to continue ur jabs. Dr Tsoi only administers jabs himself. Dr Fok does that too, and allows u to buy vials and will teach u how to self inject, if u prefer. Regardless of which route u go, u have to go to Dr Tsoi first as Dr Fok will not see u without a letter (he isnt a psychiatrist but an endocrinologist). Good luck and hit me up if u need more help in this.

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Super male and super gay

I just read your "i'm a bad transsexual" post and bruh I am right there with you. I don't feel the dysphoria either. I am pretty comfortable in my girl body. I hate my boobs and i think vaginas are super weird but i'm girly and feminine and what not. HOWEVER i identify as a gay male. My "inside self" as i like to call is super male and super gay. I want to date and have sex with other gay males (or bi or pan males) but i am afraid that no cis male gays will be into me. I'm afraid of looking like a poser or a fag hag too. i am pre everything at the moment but am going to be getting on T in the spring and having top surgery next. I hope this helps me but i am worried about all my girly clothes and interests ??? i am struggling. please, if you find any answers or things that bring comfort please share them with me. lots of love. Logan.


No Title, Just Confusion

So, before I identified as trans (I came out two years ago when I was away from home and felt safer) I identified as a gold star lesbian. I’ve never once been with a guy, and I’ve never before felt attracted to a guy. But now, I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost two years, and a couple months ago I noticed something. I might like guys now? Like, a very strong maybe? And I know it’s not a bad thing, I’m just confused. How do I tell my girlfriend without her leaving me?


relationships & dysphoria

i’m worried that because i’m. it a cisgendered guy that i won’t find a partner. that other guys or girls won’t like me because i don’t have a penis and i have breasts. lately it’s been making me dysphoric and the past 2 days my dysphoria has just been bad in general. tbh i’m ready to cut my boobs off myself but know that’s stupid and won’t actually do it lmao



I feel so disconnected from my lower body sometimes it feels like I’m walking around as two different halves. My upper body is manageable through binding but I have such a dramatic pear shape that my hips get me misgendered even if I use a very low voice. I’m worried that even if I keep losing weight my bone structure will always be obvious.


Transgender YouTuber wanting to give FREE binders

Hey there! My name is Elliott (@elliottjamestheblog) and I’m an up and coming Youtuber. My goal as a youtuber is to show trans people that not all transitions are the same and that’s okay. I also hope to begin making revenue from my videos so I can give FREE chest binders for FTM teens who can not afford them!


What if they're right?

Some days, I just feel like I should pretend to be a girl. I've been told this is a phase..what if they're right? What if makeup, pretending to love my body, and acting like I'd love to be a mother someday will change this? I think about that a lot, I wish I wasn't this way. Some nights I find myself trying to act feminine, just to make my mother happy.



I did horrible things when i was younger

I'm stuck in the wrong body and I have no way of getting out of it. I did horrible things when I was younger... I'd let any boy touch me because I was always told I was supposed to be a girl and one of my friends said, "My older brother says that girls are supposed to let boys touch them like in the videos." (if you didn't catch on, the videos he was talking about were pornographic videos) I thought that letting them do that would turn me into a girl and I'd stop being the disappointment that I am... It didn't help. I thought that changing the way I dressed would help. It didn't. I'm now legally an adult and still stuck in the wrong body because I can't afford to become the man that I am. I'll have to suck it up and be the "tomboy daughter" instead of the "handsome son"... It sucks because I have no one to talk to because no one understands how I feel..

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second guessing

i came out to my mom almost a year ago, and i honestly didn't and still don't know how to take her reaction. she didn't immediately agree(?) with is and just kept asking questions like i was sure. and honestly all that did was make me question myself more. like i know i want to use he/him pronouns, i want to go by my chosen name, i want a flat chest (physically not just binded) and want to present as a boy. she mentioned she would let me get top sugery if i went to therapy for it first, which scares me bc i feel like its more or less going to make myself question and second guess myself more. and i asked if could go on T for just 6 months just to help with my voice dysphoria but she got really like upset? and said no bc she works with a trans man who's been on T for years and "still has the same voice" and she doesn't want me to get permanent results incase i "regret" it. (on a side note with said coworker my mom still misgenders them). i'm only 16 soon to be 17 and i know i just have to wait a few more years before i can take control myself, but i don't feel comfortable doing this while still living at home, but moving out would take a long time, and leaving for college would cost a lot of money. i have really super supportive friends and that's more than what most people have, but my other trans friends have suportive family and it just makes me so jealous seeing them be so open at home. like im still struggling to get my mom to use my chosen name more. and ever since i came out it feels like she purposely emphesizes my "female" pronouns more. some days are just worse than the others and i want these feelings to go away.


Malaysian transmen?

Any malaysian transmen here up for a chat? Been looking for friends to talk about transition related stuffs and your experiences.

Hit me up at